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Welcome to - Home of $20 logos since year 2000. We provide virtually FREE Logo Design! Tell someone about us- they'll love you for it!

"Use your logo to make your name memorable. A good logo creates a feel, an image, and a brand for your site. It can also lend an air of professionalism to your online creation. First impressions count. When prospects see an impressive logo, it gives the other aspects of your site a head start!." -Nik Efay, Owner 'Virtually Free Logo Design'


What can I use the logo for?

You will receive a web format logo - you will be able to use the logo we provide online- website, e-mail, banner design or even Words document. However, you can purchase an upgrade at $20 and we'll provide other industry standard formats.

For example, the logo format upgrade you will receive are ready for your website, business card, T-shirts, posters, souvenirs & merchandise, letterhead, stationaries, print on vehicles and many more. These logo formats that you will receive are readily accepted by commercial printing companies for professional printing. This gives unlimited uses of your logo design!

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