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Welcome to - Home of $20 logos since year 2000. We provide virtually FREE Logo Design! Tell someone about us- they'll love you for it!

"Use your logo to make your name memorable. A good logo creates a feel, an image, and a brand for your site. It can also lend an air of professionalism to your online creation. First impressions count. When prospects see an impressive logo, it gives the other aspects of your site a head start!." -Nik Efay, Owner 'Virtually Free Logo Design'

How & Why... specializes in low cost logo design at $19.90. This service is ideal for small startup business with very limited budget. For $19.90, we will design a great looking logo without compromising the quality of the design. We will create you only one design to suite your business- you will be able to make any changes to the design by purchasing a bekwik credit for each round of change. A bekwik credit costs only $10 for one round of any changes at all to the existing design.

We're able to cut cost by only producing one design. Our designers work hard on creating a professional and quality logos (click here to see logo samples) and strive to give the best worth money can buy to customers from our $19.90 logo design (click here to read customers testimonial).

We were also able to cut the price by slashing on advertising cost. We never pay for advertising. exists solely from word-of-mouth advertising. Many of our customers were happy to pass the good word around as we always strive to give the best value for the money. We do hope that if you're happy with our work, you'll pass our URL to 3 people who might be interested!

Finally, what if you don't like our designs? Well, if you think we have worked hard to design you your logo, but the logo does not work for you for some reason, please accept our free ebook offer for you to keep! The ebook costs $37 to purchase elsewhere (Click here for proof). We have purchased the license to distribute the ebook and we're giving it away for free to those who are willing to give us a shot at creating their logo. However, if you think that the design we provide are of poor quality and do not justify the $19.90 payment, we'll be happy to refund your money back.

Who are we... comprises of young and creative individuals that share a passion for anything to do with the web. The wide diversity of talents from flair designers to hard-core programmers, experts in Web business development and marketing strategies presents a symbiosis of resources that is pulled together in creating and maintaining a good Web presence.

In the fast changing landscape of the WWW, good Web presence is important for companies to establish and differentiate themselves from their competitors. We have the expertise and experience in consulting, design, marketing, maintaining as well as setting-up e-commerce facilities on the Web.

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