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The Power of Networking

By Nancy Johnson © 2001

One of the best things you can do for your business is connect with other successful and not so successful people. I volunteer at the Women's Network. One of the largest online communities for women. I have been a member at iVillage for almost three years and last September marked my 1 year anniversary as volunteer Community Leader on the Work Channel.

I love connecting with other business owners at iVillage. And helping those just starting out. I also met the "MomPreneurs" Ellen and Pat two women authors on working from home. The have a chat there and a
board I visit often. Getting to know them has helped me with my own business. And Ellen once asked if she could send my name and business information to some editors at "Parents" Magazine. I said sure no
problem. Thinking yeah I bet I never hear from them. Well about a month or so later I got a call from one of the editors about a story they where doing on Home Business Success.

She interviewed me over the phone and sent me a black and white camera to take some photos for the article. I can tell you this is very thrilling to know I am going to be part of an article in a National magazine. WOW!!

This wouldn't have happened if I had not became a volunteered or gotten to know Ellen and Pat at iVillage. Pay attention on how you interact with people online and in the real world. Get to know other
businesses owners, become link partners with other business that can help your business grow and that your site would be a good match with for their business.

Offer to moderate boards, start email groups. Not just to advertise your business but to share ideas, meet people and join forces with others.

The Internet is a powerful force to harness. One little web site isn't going to get as much traffic as joining together with other website owners or groups and exchange links. But don't offer to link
to just anyone make sure that you offer you customer and visitors your site things that relate but not necessarily compete with your business. Don't exchange links with things that bring no value to
your visitors, Avoid heavy banner ads, try text links instead.

Networking is word of mouth marketing. You never know who will send you customer, mention you to a colleague that can use you services, or offer you work. You might not always gain customers or partner
but down the line you just never know what will happen.

Networking can increase you Net-worth.

Nancy Johnson is a Home-based Marketing Specialist. Helping other business owners find free and low cost resources and advertising is what is all about. She also publishes Networking Direct eZine for home-based business owners. Permission to use this article in ezines or on your website as long as the resource box is included.

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