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How to Guarantee Your Online Success.

Copyright 2001 by Robert E. Hall

During the California Gold Rush of 1849 dreams of easy riches were on the minds of many. Stories of gold spread like wild fire... each time the story became more unreal. "Why gold is everywhere", they said. "It's for the taking... all you have to do is just reach down and pick it up." Of course these stories were untrue.

Many come to the Internet with these same dreams of easy money. They spend their savings on get-rich-quick schemes and wind up with nothing but a worthless website. Many like the thought of easy money... no work required... no experience needed. But unless you have all ready created a successful business... creating an online business in just a few months is just a fantasy.

Ask yourself : "Why do I want an Internet business?"

If your answer is "to make a bunch of money" you'll fall prey to the get-rich-quick scammers. You'll look for the easy way to make money. You'll buy into the "Make $5,000/mo in 60 days... guaranteed!" trap. But their business is just like their guarantee... smoke in the wind... gone the minute they have your money.

Now, if you desire to have a successful online business to someday replace your present income... that's possible.

I've been fascinated with Sales most of my life. Because in sales you determine your own paycheck. You're in charge of how much you earn. The Internet offers this very same opportunity.

So... I'm online learning all I can about marketing on the Internet. I search for excellent products about Internet sales. I buy these Ebooks and instruction manuals... I study them extensively. I make notes on how to apply the technique to my website and to my online marketing.

If these products have an Affiliate program... I join it. If the product offer resell rights... I buy them. I even recommend Ebooks I make no money on because... they are so good.

My website theme is "You can create wealth from home". I use this theme because I believe the only way for the average person to create true wealth... is with a home business. You won't do it working for someone else. But... most people give up during the learning process. They give up much too

There is a rule that have been around the business community for many, many years... it's called the 90/10 rule. This rule, based on facts, simply states that 90% of the business start-ups will fail within the first year. And only 10% will survive for more than five years. This same rule of
business comes into play online too.

Ninety percent of the online businesses will fail. They fail because the owners are unwilling to learn how to do it right. They are out for that quick and easy money. When they can't find it within 90 days they give up and whine... "the Internet is just a big rip-off... you can't make money from home."

This, of course, spreads quickly because 90% of the people are spreading this mis-information.

Meanwhile... the successful 10% of the online business owners, who are making money, have discovered how to do it right. They were willing to spend the time and money to learn how. Yes, it may have taken them one to three years to learn the ropes, but now they write their own pay checks.

Many people will complain about these odds, but you either win or don't. If you follow the herd... the 90%... your chance of failing is 100 percent. If you follow the successful 10%... your chance of winning is again... 100 percent.

I love these odds... don't you? Just think... if you follow the successful 10 percent... your success is guaranteed.

Who are you following?

Copyright 2001 by Robert E. Hall. Bob is the publisher of "Streams Of Income" newsletter. He helps people create multiple income streams from home. Learn how to change the way you work this year. Go to

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