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How To Market When Computers and the Internet Aren't Your Thing

by Kevin Nunley

So you are still stricken with fear at the thought of sending an email, posting a website or downloading...well, anything. It doesn't mean you can't successfully market your business.

Not everybody is glued to the net, popular as that myth may be. There are still plenty of us willing to dirty our hands picking up a non-virtual flyer or flipping through a non-virtual newspaper. We leave our houses and drive cars or walk, reading non-virtual signs and advertisements.

Maybe it was the pile of science fiction books you read as a kid that made you shun a future filled with diabolical gadgets and gizmos. Maybe your computer lab teacher didn't love you enough. Maybe you are simply the kind of person who wants to keep life as uncomplicated as possible.

Whatever the reason for your tech-phobia, there is still plenty of time for you old dogs to learn some new tricks. Meanwhile, you'll have to do some marketing the old-fashioned way.

There are a gazillion ways to market absolutely free of technology. You see them everywhere you go, in your non-virtual world.

*Flyers, super cheap, super effective--Flyers are one of the oldest forms of marketing. Samuel Adams alerted the Patriots to the Boston Tea Party with flyers, and we all know how effective that was.

Your flyers probably won't make history, but they will get you noticed. One thing I love about flyers is that they give me something to look at when I am waiting in a cafe or lobby.

I also love that flyers are tangible, an attribute that most low-techies appreciate. I can tear off those little phone number slips at the bottom and take them with me.

Flyers also provide a venue for human interaction, another thing we low-techies are partial to. Hand people flyers on the street and they can ask you questions directly. That gives you an opportunity to sell them on your product or service, right then and there.

When designing the layout of your flyer, put a bold, black headline at the top that shouts your most important benefit. Use light colored paper. Dark colors tend to make your text difficult to read. Use 14 point type or larger to ensure people don't have to squint to read your flyer.

*Effective Billboards--Cruising down the road, People are usually doing anything but paying careful attention to their driving. That is why billboards are such an effective way of reaching potential customers.

Billboards are a great way to target certain routes to work, residential communities, and vacationers on travel routes. Next time you drive to Las Vegas or Reno, notice the number of billboards along the route. On a long, straight stretch of highway, drivers have nothing else to look at but your billboard.

Keep your billboard message simple. There is no way people will understand detailed copy at 70 miles per hour. A headline, graphic and two bullets are generally all you want to include.

Include a photo or graphic, something colorful, to help draw attention to your billboard.

Make sure your phone number is easy to read and remember. List it with letters instead of numbers. Most people can't drive on the freeway and take down your number at the same time. They might try, but you don't want to be responsible for what happens.

If you need to scrimp on advertising, get cheaper rates by buying packages, multiple months, or negotiating your own billboard location with a property owner.

*Advertise on your car--As cities sprawl and commutes become longer and slower, advertising on your car becomes an effective and extremely cheap way to get your name out.

Because we tend to drive along with the same group of cars for significant distances, people can see your sign for 15 to 20 minutes. It's like a traveling infomercial.

You can use magnetic signs, window stickers, or have your message painted on the side of your car, van, or truck.

An old media trick is to number your vehicles. If you have two vans, number them 3 and 7. People will think you have a fleet. Sometimes, the bigger people think your operation is, the more they will trust you.

*Wear your advertising--They are called "wearables," all those shirts and hats with your ads, logos and slogans printed on them.

Using wearables kills two birds with one stone: first, you create a bond with the potential customer when you give them something free. Second, those people will do your advertising for you by wearing your free gift.

When you design a wearable, do something eye catching, something that people will want to wear. I won't wear a T-shirt with just a name and phone number in block letters. I will wear a T-shirt that has a cool graphic on it.

A word to the wise--don't just offer XXL T-shirts and hats that only men would want. Women control spending in America, so you want to cater to them. Offer as many medium sized T-shirts as XXXL T-shirts.

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice and copy writing. See his popular promotion deals and 10,000 free marketing tips at Reach Kevin at mailto:kevin@d... or 801-328-9006.

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