Revamp Your Site and Improve Profits With This One Simple Tweak

Is your site starting to look a little outdated or boring? Well, you could always do a complete site redesign, but that would either require a lot of work from you or a lot of money from your bank account.

But what if you could dress up your page with one simple tweak, something that seems so insignificant, but is really the most important element of your image? Iím talking about your logo, of course; that little symbol, graphic or image that defines your business at a glance.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Can a new logo really make that much difference? Arenít they usually off in the corner somewhere, barely noticeable?" In answer to that question, ask yourself this, "Is Nikeís or Cokeís or Leviís logo unnoticeable?"

You can choose how prominent to make your new logo. You can display it in a corner of your website or spread it across the top like a headline for everyone to see. But either way, people are going to see it, not because they are consciously looking for your logo, but because their subconscious registers the image as the representation for your business.

Logos have more power than you think. They give your site visitor their first and last impression. They stick in the mind as your branding, allowing people to recognize you immediately next time they come upon your site, one of your advertisements, or one of your products.

Some of the biggest companies in the country rebrand themselves every few years, just to stay looking current and progressive. For example, Quizno's has done some recent rebranding and Burger King rebranded a couple of years ago. Nike keeps their original branding, but branches off into new brands like Nike Goddess and Nike Town. A lot of soft drinks are rebranding lately with a new look, like Mountain Dew, Coke and Sprite. You'll still see their original logos, but you'll also see bottles with new logos and color palettes.

A new logo says to your visitors, "I am doing so well, I had to get a new logo to represent the new me." And people only buy from Internet businesses they know are doing well. No one wants to buy from an Internet business that might go under by next month.

So before you go out and spend hundreds on a new site design, or lock yourself away for a week to redesign your site, consider the difference the smallest tweak can make; especially when it involves your logo.

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